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    Set of 4 Bamboo Make-up Brushes - w/ Travel Bag

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    Our brushes are made from 100% bamboo and synthetic fibers, the junction between the bristles and the handle is made of aluminum. The case, on the other hand, is made of soft linen.

    The handle is made of bamboo with high quality fibers and the bristles are dense and silky, they retain dust and make it easy to create your flawless make-up without attacking the skin.

    You can use them with liquid, creamy or powder based makeup to make your makeup delicate and fat-free.

    The synthetic fibers are 100% vegan and not tested on animals.
    Also make your beauty routine eco-sustainable.

    Material Bamboo, vegan synthetic fibers, aluminum
    Quantity 1 set, 1 linen case
    Dimensions as described in the photos

    Brush cleaning routine:

    1. Put the bristles under warm water. Do not use hot water, as the heat could damage the bristles.
    2. Pour a tablespoon of mild shampoo into a container and mix gently.
    3. Dip the brush into the mixture and rotate. Only the lower half of the bristles of the brushes need to be turned in the mixture to prevent the water from sliding on the handle.
    4. Rinse the bristles under warm water.
    5. Let the brushes to air dry before storing them.

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