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    Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags - 12 pcs

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    Our air purifying bags contain an activated bamboo charcoal filter inside that purifies the air from bacteria, allergens, mold, and chemicals such as benzene and ammonia.

    Activated bamboo charcoal absorbs bad smells in a natural way. Refreshes the air, absorbs moisture and acts as a smoke absorber for a healthier and fresher environment.

    It is also perfect for eliminating smells from the refrigerator, for keeping wardrobes and shoes fresh. It can also be used in the car to avoid fogging of the windows and the formation of bad smells.

    It is the natural and safe alternative to common air fresheners or dehumidifiers that contain harmful chemicals, gases and fragrances that sometimes cause allergies.

    In the car, in the kitchen, in the gym bag, in the living room or closet, in the bathroom, the activated bamboo charcoal dehumidifier is ideal in any place!

    • Expose the bag to the sun for 1 to 2 hours every month. This operation eliminates the pollutants absorbed by the activated charcoal and allows to extend the life of the dehumidifier up to 2 years.
    • And once its time is up, you can empty its contents directly in the garden or in the organic waste container.

    With this convenient pack of 12 bags you will ensure fresh air indefinitely!


    Outer material Linen bag
    Inner material Activated carbon derived from bamboo wood
    Quantity 12 pieces
    Size 7 x 17 cm


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