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Wireless Bamboo Charger 5W

Caricabatterie Wireless in Bamboo 5W - Bamboo Green Store

Bamboo Green Store

Wireless Bamboo Charger 5W

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The outside of our wireless charger is made from 100% bamboo.

Available in four shapes but all with the same function, with a power of 5W it is perfect for your smartphone enabled for wireless charging.

Simply insert the charger cable, instead of your mobile phone, into the wireless bamboo charger (input: USB mini) and it will be immediately ready for use!

Input 5v / 2a
Output 5v / 1a
Power 5W
Dispersion <30%
Standard Qi
Light LED
Material Bamboo


Shapes available
Square, Heart, Hexagon, Circle.


The colors of the images may not match the actual colors of the object due to the different color adjustments of each screen. But we still guarantee that the object you will receive corresponds to the one in the photo.

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