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    About Us

    Chi siamo | Bamboo Green Store

    Bamboo Green Store was born from the need to find simple eco-friendly solutions that we can all adopt to safeguard our planet.

    If you want, you too can contribute and we will be here to take you on this journey, giving you every week new secrets to pollute less.

    About us | Bamboo Green Store

    Are you wondering why you should choose bamboo to protect the planet? The answer is simple:

    Bamboo is the perfect solution because it is a 100% renewable raw material, it is a plant that releases more oxygen than a tree, it is antibacterial and is harder and more flexible than oak or beech, it is waterproof and highly resistant.
    Bamboo fiber can be extracted from bamboo, which is breathable, antibacterial and has the ability to keep ultraviolet radiation away.

    As you may have already understood, it is an excellent alternative to the use of disposable items such as cutlery and plastic plates, but also like most personal hygiene products, for example cotton buds and make-up remover pads, which after their use are thrown away creating hazardous waste for our environment.

    Bamboo Green Store, in addition to providing you with the best products to be able to make your contribution to the development of a cleaner world, will also give you advice, tips and updates on the small green gestures that we can all put into practice.

    If you choose even just one of our bamboo objects, which are designed to minimize our environmental impact with minimal effort, you are choosing an eco-sustainable lifestyle.

    Reduce waste now. Make the right choice!

    Mascotte con pollice alzato | Bamboo Green Store

    Moreover we at Bamboo Green Store have decided to use a different way for our shippings:

    We decided not to have a warehouse to keep our products, but to ship them directly from the supplier to the consumer.

    The benefit of this system are many: Without a warehouse, we avoid damaging the soil and wasting electricity.

    But also we also avoid having to dispose of unsold items.

    And that's not all: by shipping directly from the supplier to the customer, we make half of the shipments to get the product to its owner.

    Although our shipping will take longer than the now very short time that the e-commerce giants got us used to, and we will pollute 3 times less than an express shipping.

    With all these little things, we will have less impact on the planet that will thank us. And we will thank you for choosing us and for choosing to lend a hand to our planet.

    Chi Siamo | Bamboo Green Store


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