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    Sustainable Easter: Here 4 tips for you!

    Pasqua sostenibile: 4 consigli per te - Bamboo Green Store

    Sustainable Easter

    The holiday times are usually those in which the greatest occurs waste of resources, and where our behaviors are often not very sustainable for the environment.

    For this we have thought of giving you 4 tips simple for one Eco-sustainable Easter, without waste and attentive to the environment.

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    Watch out for waste

    Madre e figlia prendono un dolce dal forno | Bamboo Green Store

    Too often, when preparing for a lunch or dinner with friends, we tend to buy more food compared to what will actually be consumed.

    To avoid food waste we recommend that you plan your meal in advance. Think in advance about the recipes you want to cook, so that you buy the right amount of ingredients. In order not to overdo the quantities, buy the bulk food.
    In the next days, reuse any leftovers with creativity: you have no idea what delights can come out of the remnants!



    How many eggs!

    mani che reggono un regalo con un bigliettino | Bamboo Green Store

    As is customary at Easter there is a tendency to give away many chocolate egg, especially for the little ones. This involves countless plastic waste given by the packages and wrappers that contain the gift. And often even the gift inside the egg is an object made of plastic, which will be thrown away in the following weeks.

    Exist alternatives to avoid all this:

    • Make your own chocolate egg with surprise at home! You need to be familiar with the kitchen, but it could be a good opportunity to experiment with new techniques. Just melt your favorite chocolate and put it in the special mold.
    • Buy some chocolate and choose a brand that produces it taking into account environmental sustainability (you can also find it in the supermarket).

    Associate chocolate with a Bamboo Green Store Gift Certificate and pack everything as described in the next tip regarding gift wrapping.



    Too much plastic

    Confezioni regalo fatte di carta | Bamboo Green Store

    Most wrapping paper, just like chocolate egg packaging, is not easily recyclable. 

    For to avoid to create unnecessary waste, you can replace the classic wrapping paper with easily recyclable paper, such as brown wrapping paper or tissue paper. 

    Another nice way to wrap your gifts is to put them inside of cloth bags or jute and bow all over with a decorative ribbon.

    To decorate the gift box, use twine or fabric but also sustainable and biodegradable materials such as dried flowers. However, avoid adhesive tape and choose cardboard as labels.



    Unleash your creativity!

    Decorazioni pasquali | Bamboo Green Store

    At Easter it is used to decorate the house and the table with decorated eggs, chicks, fake flowers etc.

    Instead of buying them, try make them by hand together with your loved ones, so you can combine business with pleasure and have fun moments, stimulating creativity and a good mood. Hard-boiled eggs colored with watercolors, papier-mâché ducks and chicks, origami place cards: here are some creative ideas!

    If you have the forethought of put them away every year with care, the ornaments can be reused for a long time.




    Happy Easter from Bamboo Green Store

    Happy Easter | Bamboo Green Store

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