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    A more sustainable Christmas? Yes, here are 5 tips

    Un Natale più Sostenibile? Si può, ecco 5 consigli - Bamboo Green Store

    The Christmas time it's perfect for testing yourself and seeing if you're learning a do not waste. During this holiday month, you too will probably have fewer commitments than usual and spend most of your time in company, so what better opportunity?
    Create a new (good) habit it really is more easy than what you think. Did you know that it takes just 20 days?

    Rametto di abete | Bamboo Green Store

    Take this challenge with joy and lightness, just do it attention to little things, small gestures, but they can make a difference, especially if you can make them become contagious.

    Here 5 tips simple and clear for a Eco-sustainable Christmas, without waste and attentive to the environment.


    The Christmas tree is definitely the main decoration to create the Christmas atmosphere in any home. But Christmas tree TRUE or ARTIFICIAL? Which is the most sustainable? The answer may surprise you.

    Pacchetto regalo con nastro di juta rosso su rametti di abete | Bamboo Green Store

    You live in an area wherefir is autochthonous species? You have enough space to be able to replant your tree when the holidays are over?
    If the answer to these questions is no, then know which one to choose real tree to decorate will NOT be one sustainable choice.

    Contrary to what one might think, take a artificial tree to decorate for the Christmas period is the more sustainable choice you can do, but on one condition: you will have to use it for years and replace it only when it is so bad that it becomes unusable. When you need to throw it away, always look for ways to recycle all of its components.


    The Christmas decorations are beautiful and make the house magical, but watch out for them compulsive shopping.

    If you have the forethought of put them away every year with care, the ornaments can be reused for a long time.

    Also you might think about making decorations handmade together with your loved ones, so as to spend fun moments together and stimulate creativity and a good mood. 

    For the fairy lights, always opt for those a low consumption, so you will save on your bill and contribute to having less impact on the environment.

    Scatola con materiale per decorazioni sostenibili | Bamboo Green Store



    The best thing about Christmas is surely to look for or make gods gifts for people we love.

    But also the choice gifts can be complicated from an environmental point of view.

    At Christmas we might want to give something that, combining business with pleasure, does not fit in the eco-sustainable sphere.

    When you are choosing the object to give as a gift, set yourself some questions: the loved one really has need of this object? You can reuse it or you can will throw after its use? The chosen object may be recycled when will his life come to an end?

    After reflecting on the environmental impact of the object you want to give, surely the choice will be more aware.

    If you still don't know what to give for Christmas, you can always take advantage of ours Gift Vouchers.


    Wrapping gifts can also be a special time, but did you know that most wrapping paper is not recyclable? 

    Confezioni regalo sostenibili  | Bamboo Green Store

    To avoid creating waste absolutely unnecessary, it is necessary to replace the classic wrapping paper with some easily recyclable paper, such as brown wrapping paper or tissue paper or, if you want to be more whimsical, you can use the paper of newspapers or magazines.

    Whenever possible, you can choose to insert your gifts into gods bags of cloth or jute and bows them with a decorative ribbon.

    If you want to embellish your gift packages, use gods sustainable materials such as twine or fabric but also sprigs, dried fruit, cinnamon sticks, star anise, rosemary and eucalyptus sprigs that will perfume the package. Avoid masking tape to pack everything, and choose cardboard labels.


    Although this year the Christmas holidays will be a little different from usual and we will not be able to prepare meals to share with friends and relatives, it will certainly be a period in which many will delight in kitchen preparing the delicacies typical of this period. But even here, beware of waste.

    Biscotti di Natale  | Bamboo Green Store

    Unfortunately, food waste is a sad topic. In fact it tends to buy more food than will actually be consumed.

    To avoid waste, plan your recipes and buy the right amount, without exaggerating. One trick is shopping bulk food: the more you buy in bulk, the less you will contribute to generating waste. Another tip is to reuse leftovers, with a little creativity you can consume them in a really tasty way!


    We have always been told that “at Christmas we must all be better”. This year we choose to be better also towards our Planet!



    Happy Holidays from Bamboo Green Store


    Merry Christmas | Bamboo Green Store

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