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    3 (+1) reasons to choose Bamboo

    3 (+1) motivi per scegliere il Bambù - Bamboo Green Store

    The bamboo it is a plant evergreen which grows mainly in tropical and sub-tropical regions. This plant grows to one impressive speed: some species grow 60 cm per day and can reach over 30 meters in height!

    Foresta di Bambù | Bamboo Green Store
    Growing bamboo has a notable positive impact on the environment, just think of the most famous forest in the world (located in Arashiyama, Japan), which with its 16 hectares of extension can capture up to 272 tons of carbon in a year.
    The roots of this plant have the ability to transform many heavy pollutants found in the subsoil into biomass, so bamboo is also used to maintain clean the waters of rivers and lakes.

    Germoglio di Bambù | Bamboo Green Store

    Bamboo production is really important in the fight against global pollution.
    The wood made from bamboo plants is used as raw material on a large scale, this is because it is a material whose cultivation it really is economic, and thanks to the speed with which it grows there is no risk of running into problems of intensive cultivation. The properties of bamboo wood and its derivatives are truly amazing.

    If that's not enough, here are 3 +1 reasons why you should definitely buy items made from bamboo:

    1- Bamboo items are strong and durable

    Bamboo is a strong and flexible material, so it reacts well to accidental bumps and drops. Objects made with this material are practical and easy to clean and do not absorb stains or liquids. A product made from bamboo lasts a very long time.


    2- Antibacterial and breathable

    The bamboo plant is really special, it is composed of several layers that allow it to naturally protect itself from parasites. This makes objects made of bamboo and bamboo fiber absolutely hypoallergenic. It is also very suitable for bathroom and sanitary products because it is naturally water repellent, does not splinter and is not a breeding ground for bacteria, germs and fungi. They are perfect as an alternative to polluting chemical materials that are used to produce hypoallergenic items.

    Uomo che trascina una zattera di Bambù | Bamboo Green Store



    3- 100% renewable



    Bamboo has no environmental impact. It can be recycled and is absolutely biodegradable, and thanks to the growth speed of this plant it is not subject to intensive cultivation. In addition, a bamboo plant releases more oxygen than a tree on average. You can finally buy something without feeling guilty for the planet!


    (+1) Bamboo is beautiful!


    Canna di Bambù | Bamboo Green Store

    Bamboo products are naturally elegant with their natural texture, with their light and light colored wood they immediately make any environment warmer and more welcoming. Any object, from the simplest to the most complex, will be perfect to immediately give a breath of Green to your home and will immediately create curiosity in the eyes of those who look at it.


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