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    BLACK FRIDAY: the darkest day for the planet

    BLACK FRIDAY: il giorno più nero per il Pianeta - Bamboo Green Store

    For several years now the Black Friday it is a consolidated tradition also in Italy, and has forcefully entered the buying habits of Italians. All stores, both physical and e-commerce, take advantage of these hours to propose discounts is promotions.

    But is buying during these initiatives sustainable for the environment?

    The origins of Black Friday

    Mano che tiene buste regalo | Bamboo Green Store

    The Black Friday (Black Friday) is the day after the US Thanksgiving holiday and marks the start of the season of christmas shopping.


    The dates of Black Friday 2020


    This year it will be Black Friday Friday 27 November 2020, even if many companies tend to anticipate or expand the recurrence by offering discounts and offers throughout the fourth week of November.


    Black Friday and environmental sustainability


    In the frenzy of searching for the cheapest discount, we don't have time to ask ourselves a simple question: the Black Friday is it sustainable for the environment?

    Obviously the answer is no.

    Any initiative that incentivizes compulsive shopping and not responsible also encourages the old consumer model ofdisposable, which is no longer acceptable in terms of safeguarding the planet.

    Green Friday Sale | Bamboo Green Store




    For this reason, we at Bamboo Green Store we decided to promote the GREEN FRIDAY

    On Black Friday you decide to buy sustainable. Choose gods Christmas Gifts durable and reusable, reduce the environmental impact of the saddest period of the year for the Earth.

    In our Store you can find really nice objects made of Bamboo, completely biodegradable and perfect as a gift for friends and relatives.

    We from Bamboo Green Store we fight all year long so that the old consumer model of disposable is supplanted by a new, more sustainable and green model for our planet. You too choose to be responsible during this Black Friday and for your Christmas shopping.


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