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    BAMBÙ vs PLASTICA - Bamboo Green Store

    Why should we choose bamboo and say no to plastic?

    In recent years we have heard a lot about the pollution caused by plastic. We have seen some small changes in our society in this regard, such as biodegradable grocery bags. But the plastic in circulation is still a lot , too much.

    Think for example of all the glasses, straws, plastic cutlery that we are given every time we pass by a bar or a fast-food restaurant. But there is a solution to all this: bamboo.

    Switching to bamboo may seem complicated, but it's not at all. Let's take an example:

    Save our Future | Bamboo Green StoreEvery time you grab a cold drink or a drink you are given a plastic straw , which after a few minutes you will inevitably throw away. 

    Just buy some reusable bamboo straws, and every time you get something to drink, refuse the plastic straw and use your own.

    Think for a moment about all the slushes, fresh teas or all the aperitifs you've made. Think about how many straws went through your hands. And now think that having a bamboo straw, t would be the only one you would ever use.

    Aside the waste factor for a moment, objects in bamboo , straws, cutlery or any type of product, are not only more aesthetically beautiful , but the feel they convey by touching them is different and pleasant. But this is their prerogative, the reasons why you should choose them are others: 

    Bamboo is a plant, more precisely a woody grass. And as you can imagine everything created from it is biodegradable , and more! Bamboo is obviously a renewable source, but what you may not know is that one of the fastest growing plants in the world, some species (there are more than 1000) can grow to 120cm every day !
    And not only does it grow very quickly and without polluting, but it is also a natural antibacterial and antifungal , and more importantly, being biodegradable, it enriches the soil; while as you already know, plastic can take even more than 1000 years to degrade , and will still release toxic particles to the environment for an indefinite period of time.


    It is now important for us to awaken our awareness and understand why we must say no to plastic, and to know why to choose the "green gold" of our time: bamboo.

    We must realize that our planet over the years has become a big ball of garbage wandering in space, and understand that this can only have very serious effects on the environment and future generations. And we must be aware that this will not change until we change the course on disposable plastic culture.
    We have to start getting used to reusing things again.

    The biggest source of pollution on our planet is plastic.

    As one of the cheapest materials to produce, plastic has changed the way we live every day. Think of every phone you've owned, every toothbrush, the containers you store your food in, most of the toys, and the packaging you open when you buy something.

    Plastic has been the basis of the development of our culture and society , but here is the price:

      • 50% of plastic is never reused or recycled ;
      • It takes about 1000 years for the plastic to decompose into microplastics that are not visible, but which will still remain in the environment;
      • About 1 million plastic envelopes are used every minute around the world;
      • Producing plastic requires fossil fuel (petroleum), which increases carbon emissions on our planet. By making the global temperature rise more and more;
      • More than 8 billion tons of plastic ends up in the oceans and seas every year.

    And these are just some of the reasons why using plastics is having damaging effects on our lives and our planet , and why we should be reducing our use of plastics now. Year after year, these problems will get worse and worse if we don't replace it with an eco-sustainable alternative. And this is where our bamboo friend comes in.

    If they have nicknamed it “green gold” there must be a reason. This magnificent plant behaves as if it were almost a weed due to the speed with which it spreads in the soil in which it lives. Here are some reasons why we should totally convert to bamboo :

      • It grows without fertilizers or pesticides;
      • It is antibacterial and antifungal in nature;
      • It takes from 3 to 5 years to reach adulthood to be harvested (a conifer takes about 30);
      • It can grow in many different environments throughout the world;
      • It is biodegradable;
      • It produces 35% oxygen more when compared to other plants;
      • Naturally helps to restore degraded land;
      • It almost never needs to be transplanted;
      • It is an extremely durable material;
      • It requires much less water than similar plants, and therefore often does not need irrigation systems.

    As you can see, bamboo only brings benefits to our environment and to future generations, unlike plastic. The production cost of bamboo is extremely low given the large availability of this material and the almost no need to alter it from its natural condition to create the products.

    In addition to the long-term benefits it has on our planet, bamboo looks incredibly good inside our homes, making them appear warm and welcoming with its natural style.

    From the kitchen to decorative items, the number of uses bamboo lends itself to is truly incredible and only stops with your imagination. And most importantly, bamboo is very durable over time, allowing for a minimal amount of waste to be created. And even when our bamboo object ends its life cycle, it will turn into precious nourishment for our Earth.

    Make the right choice! 

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