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    9 tips for sustainable travel

    9 consigli per viaggiare in maniera sostenibile - Bamboo Green Store

    Now that we have come out of the most critical phases of the emergency, and the holidays are upon us, many of us are planning our summer trip.
    Between reservations and bags to fill, let's not forget the importance of traveling in a sustainable way.

    What does it mean to choose to travel in a sustainable way? It means taking responsibility for protecting nature and supporting small businesses and local people, even if we are far from home.

    If in everyday life you are already a conscious person and you avoid actions that can have a negative impact on the environment, economy or society as much as possible, traveling in a sustainable way will be really simple for you.

    Follow this guide and find out how to reduce your environmental impact on vacation.

    1. Make fewer trips but longer and choose the ways of transport to move with
      Instead of hit and run mini-vacations, optimize your time and plan a longer vacation. In addition to a significant reduction in your environmental impact, you will have more time to better discover the destination you have chosen.
      Reach your destination with the most ecological ways of transport and, while on vacation, prefer public transport or the bike.

    2. Prefer destinations close to home and in the low or mid season periods
      If for many vacation is synonymous with travel abroad, this year it is advisable to stay close to home. Support the local economy, choose a destination a few kilometers from home, whether it is in the city or in the midst of nature. There are treasures on your doorstep just waiting to be discovered.
      Choose to leave in low or mid season so you will enjoy your trip better, avoiding the overcrowding of tourists and saving on both transport and accommodation.
    3. Choose local products
      Supporting the local economy is another way to travel sustainably. Shop for locally made products and souvenirs, and choose small restaurants instead of large distributions. You will support the local economy and discover many traditional specialties. Ask your host or the locals, they will certainly be able to recommend some wonderful places.
    4. Avoid single-use plastics and reduce polluting waste
      Plastic waste is one of the biggest problems for our planet, especially for the oceans. It is not easy to eliminate the use of plastic in our daily life, especially on vacation, but very few measures are enough to reduce its use.
      Always carry a bottle with you to fill with water, thus avoiding the purchase of disposable plastic bottles.
      Refuse straws for drinks and disposable cutlery for your meals, rather bring a travel cutlery kit with you, you can find them HERE.
      Pack a canvas bag, it will be useful for storing your purchases in stores.
    5. Choose to stay in premises managed by the premises
      When booking your accommodation, choose small family-run hotels, bed & breakfasts, guesthouses, campsites or hostels. In addition to supporting the local economy, these structures almost always have a truly sustainable management. Also, think about the advantages of dealing with local people: you can ask for advice about the cuisine, tourist attractions and, why not, even some curiosities!
    6. Do the separate collection and use the towels for several days
      If you do the recycling at home, why not also do it on vacation? No excuses.
      If you don't find the baskets around, put everything in your pocket or backpack and throw it in the right containers when you arrive at your accommodation. If the facility has not yet adapted, remember to write it in a review.
      When you arrive, ask your host or reception about separate collection as some rules may vary depending on where you are.
      For example, in your area, where should the tetrapak be thrown?
      Another thing I want to suggest is not to use the towels for just one day. At home we don't change towels every day, why expect it on vacation? It is a choice that really makes a difference! In fact, if you use your towels multiple times, you would reduce your impact on water and electricity consumption.
    7. Respect regulations and indications
      If there is a ban, there is always a reason. Do not get too carried away by the spirit of adventure to the point of breaking the regulations and indications of the place. Always respect the flora and fauna, follow the marked trails in the national parks, and do not camp where it is not allowed to do so. Remember to safeguard nature and not to hinder those in charge of keeping it clean.
    8. Do not leave traces of your passage and do not contribute to pollution
      A responsible tourist leaves no traces: he leaves no waste around, recycles when possible, leaves no writing on buildings and does not alter natural habitats. Although it may seem innocent to you, do not take natural souvenirs such as shells, stones, nests, feathers and other objects: you could contribute to the alteration of that habitat.
      Behave as you would in your home, because the planet is your home and must be respected!
    9. Respect the local community
      If you have chosen a foreign destination for your sustainable travel destination, in addition to respecting the environment, you must also respect local communities. Do not bother people and take photos without consent, be informed and respect the traditions and customs of the place. Learn a few words in the local language to enrich your cultural background, as well as make a great impression on the locals.


    As you can see, simple gestures are enough to travel in a sustainable way, respecting the environment and the cultures you will visit!



    Have a good trip from Bamboo Green Store!



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