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    7 tips for sustainable shopping

    7 consigli per una spesa sostenibile - Bamboo Green Store


    Eating sustainably does not only consist in buying seasonal or organic products but in a series of good habits and precautions to follow as much as possible, making them your own. Below you will find 7 tips to respect the planet even when we shop, let's get started!

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    1. Always carry a reusable shopper with you
      If you want to respect the planet more, the first thing to do is absolutely give up on disposable plastic shopping bags, even biodegradable ones. Buy one and always carry it with you, in your bag or in the car!
    2. Buy as much local and seasonal produce as you can
      Vegetables from local farmers may look less beautiful than those you find at the supermarket, but they are certainly fresher and being generally always in season they will be tastier and less treated with chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, since long journeys are not necessary for their transport, CO2 emissions are reduced and local economies are strengthened.
      But we're not just talking about vegetables, buy other products locally such as honey, flour and biscuits!
    3. Buy and eat less meat and fish
      You don't have to eliminate it from your diet, but reduce it to what is necessary. Part of climate change, water consumption, pollution, deforestation and reduction of biodiversity are all dynamics linked to intensive meat farming; therefore prefer the one produced locally and with extensive farming methods.
    4.  Reduce food waste
      Cook moderate portions and store or recycle leftover foods. They seem trivial gestures, but they are necessary to reduce waste and respect nature. Which is being used more and more every day to produce food that we will not eat.
    5. Don't buy products with too much packaging
      Mano con Asparagi | Bamboo Green StoreChoose products in bulk and on tap, bring your containers from home and fill them with whatever you want. Now there are more and more shops and supermarkets with an area dedicated to bulk products. You will certainly find soaps and detergents, but also foods such as pasta, cereals, legumes and flour. In this way we will avoid throwing away many useless packages and buying only what is necessary for our needs.
    6. Do not drink pre-bottled water
      Install a water purifier at home, or more simply buy a filter jug that will allow you to drink purified water from the tap at home. This will not only reduce costs in the long run, but will avoid throwing away thousands of plastic bottles every year.
    7. Avoid buying overly processed products
      Frozen foods, ready-made sauces, light products, coffee pods and cereal bars are among the products that require the greatest amount of energy to be produced. Choose simpler products so you will protect the environment.


    With the latter we have given you 7 tips to follow! We at Bamboo Green Store hope that they will be useful to you and that you will follow as many of them as possible!


    Change starts from the bottom, make the right choice!
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