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    How to be sustainable at school and in the office? Here 10 good habits

    Come essere sostenibili a scuola e in ufficio? Ecco 10 buone abitudini - Bamboo Green Store

    To date, adopt one sustainable lifestyle is no longer a choice but rather aneed. The benefits are innumerable, both for the planet and for us. Indeed, a conscious lifestyle allows us to save resources that we usually use uselessly, and this also benefits our pockets. 

    Donna in studio sostenibile | Bamboo Green StoreBut it is not always easy to adopt ecological ways of doing, mostly outside our homes. The contexts in which we find ourselves and the needs our society needs often clash with issues such as sustainability, environmentalism and ecology.

    What you may not know is that the Green philosophy can really be applied in any context, it is simpler than you think and you do not need to radically change your habits.

    Today we want to reveal to you 10 simple habits that make the Earth smile, to apply at school and in the office.

    So, if you are a teacher, a mom, a student or work in an office, this guide is written just for you!


    1. Always use recycled paper
      Have you ever counted the reams of paper that are wasted in school and office settings? Imagine that a tree produces just 80 reams of A4 paper. Make sure the paper you use is recycled, otherwise ask for it!
    2. Print only if strictly necessary and prefer digital
      In 2020 we are equipped with at least one digital device per person, this allows us not to print everything: is it really so important to have paper copies of all your emails? If you really can't do without it, try to waste as little (recycled) paper as possible by printing double-sided.
    3. Use the back of the papers you have already used for your notes
      When taking notes, use the back of your papers as well and don't throw them away until you've made use of every free corner!
    4. Replace everything you use and throw away with reusable itemsMateriale Artistico | Bamboo Green Store
      From the coffee cup to the water bottle, from cutlery to plates for lunch, everything you use and throw away has its own reusable or compostable alternative.
      For example, here you will find practical cutlery and here a mini bamboo bowl, both reusable and, tomorrow, biodegradable.
    5. Bring lunch from home
      Avoid buying food out daily, this is because it is bad for your body, your pockets and even the planet.
      Bring your lunch from home, in reusable containers.
    6. Make separate collection 
      Luckily, it's mandatory pretty much everywhere - make sure you do it right, stick to the rules and sort your waste properly.
    7. Turn off lights and devices when not in use
      Turn off the lights when no one is in the room, for example during a lunch break or gym hour, and put all the electronic devices that no one is using on stand-by.
    8. Do not drive to the office
      If you have an alternative, choose not to travel by car and reach the office on foot (if it is nearby), by public transport or by bicycle.
    9. Grow a plant
      Growing plants in the office or at school is an excellent idea for purifying the air in a natural way. If you are a student, ask your professors to take this initiative forward. Choose a well-lit place to place your plant, and don't forget to give it water!
    10. Encourage your business / school to adopt green behaviors
      There are really many ecological choices that do not depend only on us but on the structure in which we find ourselves. Talk about it with your colleagues during the break or with your companions in the assemblies and prepare a proposal to take "to the upper floors".



    As you can see, it takes very little to pollute less and help the planet. It would be enough for each of us to make at least one of these gestures every day to make the world cleaner!


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